Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I've successfully made it a good chunk of the way into the 3rd trimester. I'm truly counting the days until I can be the only one in my body (as a woman in my Bible study said this morning, "Our bodies are really only meant for one person!"). I have a feeling he's going to be early, but I'm not sure how much of this is wishful thinking.

53 days. That's how many days I have left until my due date. I like to count it in days because it sounds shorter than 7.5 weeks. Maybe when I get down below 20 days I'll start counting in hours.

Anna is getting so excited to meet her baby brother. She helped me organize and clean all her old baby stuff and get the baby's room all set up. She's set on naming him - last night she suggested Franklin. Previous suggestions have included Pinocchio, Winnie the Pooh, Ice Cream and Monkey Nurse. I'm rather fond of Rutabaga or Guillermo myself. Hubby will (quite obviously) need to be the voice of reason for the sake of our son's future.

I'm making mental lists of all the places that easily accommodate a nursing mom with a rambunctious 3-year-old. Zoo, Library, Monkey Joe's, the park, etc. I am hoping to beat utter newborn fatigue by getting out of the house a bit. End of April is the perfect time to do that.

I intended this to be a more fun update of what's going on, but I'm far too tired to be witty right now. I should be napping. I'm going to rectify this now. But I'll leave you with this:

Two days ago I feel asleep on the couch during naptime while Anna was watching a movie. I woke up to a big pair of brown eyes just inches from mine, with a little voice stage-whispering, "Mom! When am I going to have boobs?!"

The things you wish you didn't have to figure out an answer to...