Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yes, No, Read My Mind!

Up until recently, Anna has nodded "yes" to every question asked of her. Even when the answer was not yes. So I've gotten into the habit of only asking her questions that I know the answer will be yes to - keeps me from feeling so confused. But ever the saucy little minx, Anna has changed up the game and learned how to shake her head "no," though I don't think she entirely understands what "no" means (judging from her tendency to continue an activity after I say no several times...).

A quick bit of backstory - Anna HATES having her diaper and clothes changed. Diaper changes are cleverly disguised as wrestling matches that include butt wiping in our household. Once in a great while I can hand her a toy or some new object to play with and keep her happy for a few seconds, but a majority of our time at the changing table is spent trying to keep Anna from clawing her way up the wall and off the table. Spider monkey.

However, I've discovered a tactic that seemed to be working. Anna LOVES putting on her shoes. In a really short span of time we went from having a child who had never worn more than socks on her feet and hated the restricting feeling of shoes to "gotta have 'em, even during my nap!" So upon prying her off of my hip and doing my best to lay her on the changing table I start talking to her about her shoes. Do you want to wear the pink ones with the doggies on them today? Oh, wait, don't cry, see? Look! Shoes! Shoes? Please?

Yesterday morning I tried this tactic again, as the back arching and dog-whistle-pitch screeching started as soon as she saw where we were headed. She laid on the changing table and I said, "Anna, do you want to wear put your shoes on?" And she shook her head no. Oh crap! But then she handed me her shoe and grunted at me until I put it on her foot. When I asked if she wanted her other shoe, she nodded yes. As if I'm not already confused enough!

In addition to Yes and No, she does this bobble-head-maneuver that I'm not entirely sure what the meaning of it is. I imagine as she continues to grow that she'll come up with more and more strange gestures that I'll need to decipher - hopefully she'll start using yes and no consistently so I know that when she says no, she actually means no.


  1. So yesterday she was doing a weird head-wagging-bobbling motion which of course I tried to do back at her. Found out my neck isn't quite as rubbery as hers! And hers didn't make all the crackling noises mine did! Not fair! But we did have a good time. :D

  2. I have a fail safe diaper changing method. Sit on the floor adjacent to your daughter with one leg gently across her chest. She can't roll or squirm! Don't call DFS on me, this really works and has never hurt a child even a little bit.