Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Embrace the Disco!

Today after picking up Anna, I helped her put on her ridiculously posh, pink Dora sunglasses and got on to the congested freeway. I attempted to find something on the radio for Anna to boogie to after my CD player unceremoniously spat out the only kids CD I had in the car after our road trip this past weekend.

I settled on Beyonce's "Single Ladies," which Anna loudly and vehemently protested from the back seat. Keeping my eyes on the road, I fumbled furiously through my meager CD collection. At last, ABBA's Greatest Hits! Surely Anna would find something on here to be an acceptable alternative to Tom Hunter's "Great Big Man" - the song that's usually on repeat whenever we're in the car (we've listened to it so much that Anna knows the words and sings and claps along).

"Here, Anna, Dancing Queen!"


"Ooookay...How about, this! How about this? Mama Mia? It has Mama in it!"


"Anna, just embrace the disco"


"EMBRACE THE DISCO!!!" (one hand on wheel, the other disco dancing as wildly as my compact car will permit)



"Mama Mia, here I go again...

"Yay, Momma!"

Once again, ABBA saves the day. She embraced the disco and the rest of our ride was spent crazy dancing and scream-singing "Mama Mia." Well actually, one of us was crazy dancing and scream-singing "Mama Mia." The other was sitting in her car seat, wearing her posh pink sunglasses, staring incredulously at her ridiculous mother.


  1. Have you been to the musical, Kerry? It's coming back to Milwaukee this summer. :)

    Nicole Balza

  2. Just remember the sage advice you passed on to me before my wedding, "Grace is no place for disco."


  3. @ Nicole - No I haven't seen the musical, but I bet I'd enjoy it!

    @ Isabella - Was I intoxicated when I said that? I sound insane :)

  4. I would go see the musical in a heartbeat! I loved the movie! And Kerry, Anna will always remember having a crazy mom. ahem... like you.
    Viva la disco! Although, I really like Great Big Man too...

  5. You know, Jen, upon further reflection, I'm pretty sure I said Grace was no place for TECHNO, not Disco....really neither belongs in church I suppose! :)