Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hockey and New Friends

Hubby and I went to the Admirals (Hockey) game last night for our 7th anniversary. We attended a game as our first date back in 2001, and we’ve spent several birthdays and anniversaries revisiting the Bradley Center.

Last night’s game was particularly cool because 3 Packer players were there to drop the puck and then participate in various interviews and activities throughout the game.

But the most entertaining part of the evening was my seatmate. Not Hubby, though he and I shared quite a few laughs throughout the game. No, it was my new friend on my right. Let’s call her Super Intoxicated Blond Lady (SIBL should do). Sibl was, as I understand from her loud and constant arguments with her companion, out on a “first date” of sorts with someone who had just broken up with his girlfriend mere hours earlier. In fact, Sibl was using the ex’s ticket for the night. This fact was brought up (again, loudly) several times as it went from being a joke to being the cause of her wanting to leave (in the 3rd period).

Sibl and I bonded in several ways last night. There were the elbows to the face when she started grooving to “Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas. There was the accidental kick in the knee when she misjudged where her seat was after returning with yet another glass of wine. There was the incident with the wave when she dumped most of that very glass of wine all over me as she exuberantly threw her arms into the air. Then there was the exclamation after she fought tooth and nail for a free beef snack stick being passed out in our section, was given one, then turned to me and yelled, “What the h**l was I trying to get this for?! I’m a f*****g VEGETARIAN!”

That last interaction made me decide that Sibl and I could probably be friends. She apologized any of the times she hit/kicked/drenched me, and only tried to drag me into her arguments with her companion a couple of times. Her (very slurred) parting words to everyone in our section were, “So long, y’all! I hope whoever is playing wins!!”

And I really think she meant it.

We left shortly after her departure. I turned to hubby just before we got up to leave and asked him, on our anniversary, to make another vow to me.
“If I ever get THAT drunk in public, PLEASE remove me from wherever we are!!”

He said YES!

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