Friday, February 26, 2010

Confessions of a Normal Mom

You know what? We moms aren't always good. We're not always on our best behavior. We cut corners occasionally. And most times, I don't even feel bad about it. In fact, I have a few confessions to make publicly:

1. Sometimes I skip pages in the books we read at bedtime. She usually doesn't notice. It's only on the books that she requests to have us read EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. and I am just so sick of "finding the cow in the barn!"...ugh.

2. Hubby, look away for this one. I ate cookies in bed one night this week after a particularly rough evening filled with much screaming on Anna's part. Sorry, Hubby.

3. I often try to keep Anna up later on the weekend nights so she'll sleep in a little bit in the mornings. This frequently results in her nap schedule getting thrown all out of whack. And often results in me sleeping until a gloriously late 8:30.

4. Sometimes, when Anna is throwing her 8th tantrum of the morning and has only been up for 15 minutes, I DO let her have a "cooka" for breakfast. It's just a graham cracker, but also, it's at least 60 seconds of her NOT screaming.

5. I think it's both adorable and spooky that Anna has watched Finding Nemo so many times that she now runs around, waving her hands, chanting "my buh-buhs, my buh-buhs" when that little yellow fish who loves bubbles comes on the screen.

6. I sometimes sneak into her bedroom before I go to bed and hope just a little teensy bit that she'll wake up so I can rock and snuggle with her.

7. Sometimes I lie and say that the TV is broken or that "fishy" is "all gone" so we won't have to watch Finding Nemo for the 5th time in a day (I'm not exaggerating that number, folks).

8. I let my kid eat off the floor. Not always, mind you - mostly in church. Sometimes I pretend to pick up and pocket the crackers she drops on the floor at church, but when I'm sure no one is looking, I hand them back to her. Yes, I know that's disgusting. But she hasn't been harmed by it yet, so you'll have a hard time convincing me to stop!

9. I secretly ALSO want to taste test the playdoh to see if it still tastes the same as it did when I was a kid. I haven't. But I want to.

10. I LOVE being a mom. I love pretending to be a flying bird and doing staring contests at dinner and "making it rain" at bathtime by turning on the shower and blowing bubbles in the house and building humongous towers of blocks and knocking those towers down. I also love naptime.


Sharing time! What are your "normal mom" confessions? I know there's at least one other mom out there who's tasted the playdoh or at least thought about it. Fess up!

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  1. Word, to all of these, except perhaps # 7 (I have a strict 'no lying' policy and stick with being hard Mummy cow and just saying no). James is not so much with Finding Nemo as he is with Shrek.

    James is NOT a breakfast kid. He eats all things at all hours of the day, he hoovers food, but he won't eat first thing in the morning. Most days, not a problem, but on childcare days, he NEEDS to begin with sustainance. I feed him muesli bars. It works! It's a system!

    I don't always enforce sleeping in his own bed and secretly LOVE when he snuggles in with me at night. He gives the best cuddles.

    I am too weak at the shops and he gets 'something special', because he knows just how to quirk his head and say "please, mummy" in such a voice, even AFTER I've said no and he knows it.

    I know he looks exactly (and eerily) like Dennice the Menace in overalls and that's EXACTLY why I dress him in them.

    Sometimes when he screams, I scream back. (Bad mummy!).

    Choosing apple slices instead of fries in a McDonald's happy meal *IS* healthy choices, dammit!

    Although I complain about how much he follows me around and demands I do everything, rather than his daddy, I secretly love that he loves and needs me so much, that he chooses me over everyone.

    I have been deliberately late to work to sneak more cuddles in the morning.

    I could go on forever.