Thursday, August 18, 2011

Checking In

Apologies for the sparse updates. It's hard to write when there's a lot I'm trying not to say. Yeah, confusing, I know. So here it is.

Anna's been giving me a run for my money with an increase in the frequency and intensity of her tantrums in the past month or so. In a moment of desperation I posted on Facebook in July and got some GREAT advice from a lot of my parent/nanny friends there (Thank you ALL again!!). It was much appreciated and I've woven bits of all of it into my ever-changing strategies for dealing with Anna's fiery temper. I also checked out "The Happiest Toddler on the Block" from our local library. Had some good points, but I gotta tell you, it's difficult to lend a lot of credibility to advice given by a non-parent about parenting (who isn't a teacher/nanny). Especially when it involves baby-talking to my child who has been speaking in complete sentences for 6+ months.

Amidst the melt-downs (for Anna and mom!), there have been a few funnies, so I'll share them in an effort to focus on the good tonight.

1. In the car earlier today, Anna and I were discussing the days of the week. I told her today was Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday - the start of the weekend and we'll get daddy all to ourselves! She promptly and seriously responded, "no, mom, you can have him all to YOURself. I'm going to Hootie's (my mom's). If you miss me, you can just call me." Apparently, now that she's 3, she's arranging her own babysitters.

2. Last week Anna told me she wants to be "a police" when she grows up. I told her that's a very important job. And she responded, "yes, and then I'll get to have a whistle." I'm taking submissions for my list of OTHER jobs that also allow a whistle - perhaps jobs that won't lead to stress ulcers for her parents!

3. "Mom, gimme your rings, I need to go marry Uncle Mike." Eh, my brother's a catch. Enough said.

4. This story I've been sitting on because I wasn't sure I wanted to tell it publicly, but it's too funny not to share. We got a Little Mermaid book from the library a while ago. Anna was looking at the cover and suddenly exclaimed, "Oh, Mommy! Look! Look at her beautiful BOOBS! They're big and beautiful JUST LIKE YOURS!" Why, thank you, sweetheart. I'm not really sure how to respond to that.

5. I'd like to give major credit to my two friends who showed up for dinner at my house last week only to discover that Anna had decided to make it a naked dinner and sat COMPLETELY naked at the table, conversing and eating as though nothing were amiss. These two didn't miss a beat and acted like everything was normal. Maybe they suspect that most meals at my house are pants-optional? I'm not sure I want that reputation.

And now I'm signing off to attempt to do some dishes before bed. To the sounds of Anna playing hide and seek in her bed with her jaguar beanie baby. Strangely comforting.


  1. Anna is so sassy. I like that she gets her own babysitter. Too bad all kids don't take care of that for their parents.

  2. Awesome.... I love the boobs story and the pants-optional. My daughter is so fascinated with the human body so I can picture her saying/doing stuff like that.

  3. @Melinda - Maybe she can start planning our dates soon too. Or get a job to start paying us back for all those diapers!

    @Beth - That is exactly what it is, a fascination with the human body. She loves to point out that she has nipples and so do our cats. This truly amazes her. Her boob comment was strictly an observation that Ariel is a woman, just like me. I also think those fancy purple sea shells had something to do with it.