Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Did I Just Say?

I consider myself to be a fairly reasonable, level-headed person. I may harbor the slight dramatic tendency here and there, but for the most part, I'm not one to shout fire when there's nothing but smoke.

Having a kid has turned my idea of "normal" completely on its head.

Case in point: Today at the wading pool (Canon Park in Milwaukee - if you're not visiting their wading pool this summer, you should be!), Anna was having a very pleasant time splashing, blowing bubbles and hopping around in the water. I was having a very pleasant time sitting in the sun watching her do the aforementioned activities until...

She wandered out of the pool (and by wandered I mean hopped like a frog, complete with ribbiting - isn't this how you wander??) and started inspecting a puddle on the pavement with her foot. I assume she deemed it acceptable because the next thing I knew, she was down on all fours lapping water from the puddle like a dog does from its bowl. Never in my life did I ever think I would have to tell another human being not to drink water off the sidewalk. Never, until I became a parent.

Now I get to say all sorts of fun things like:

"Don't dip your cookie in the cat's water bowl."


"Stop putting ants in your milk."


"Leave my bellybutton THE HECK ALONE!"

And other things of this nature.

The world is merely her playground, my friends. She's got a passion for knowledge and compassion for all living creatures (the cats like to drink the water, so why wouldn't it be good to dunk cookies in; Ants deserve a place to swim too; my bellybutton is apparently a source of much scientific wonderment).

I just still can't believe that I had to tell another human being not to lick pavement at a PUBLIC POOL.

Ugh. Disgusting.


  1. Oh my! I definitely understand this one...better than I wish I did!

  2. I love it. She's quite the explorer. And her tendency towards mimicry should give you nightmares for years to come!

  3. @Beth - I get the feeling this is one of many awkward moments of odd child behavior that I'll get to experience over the next few years (decades). :)

    @Cate - I have no doubt that she'll come up with new, inventive ways to horrify me in years to come!

  4. I'm with you here! The things kids come up with to try out are so out of this world. It kind of makes me sad that I lost that wonderment being an adult. Imagine how much healthier we would be if we just decided to crawl around like a dog and curl up in a sunbeam instead of rushing around doing unending work all day!