Saturday, January 8, 2011

Living the Dream

Well, here we are. Finally. I'm down to working two days a week and am spending the rest of my time home with Anna as I've been wishing and hoping to do for the past two and a half years. And you know what? It's as fun as I imagined it would be!

We spent this week taking down our Christmas decorations, organizing toys, books, closets, etc (wherever I can convince Anna to play for 10 minutes on her own, I try to clean or organize there at the same time).

We spent a good chunk of time at the library yesterday and then read tons of books when we got home. She's helped me cook. I've helped her color. And then there was the "Let's play doctor" incident where she tried to shove a cash register key into my ear to get the french fries out.

Yes, french fries. Apparently her McDonalds cash register-turned-x-ray scanner informed her that my ear was harboring delicious morsels and she decided to remove them with the little yellow plastic key.

Her bedside manner is SERIOUSLY lacking. I'll be seeing a new doctor next time a tasty treat mysteriously finds its way into one of my ears. For nearly an hour she shouted at me to "LAY DOWN ON THE FLOOR, DON'T WAGGLE (wiggle), DON'T LAUGH, DON'T TALK and LET ME SEE YOUR EARS...NOW!" Oh, and she forced me to wear a bowl over my face (I think it was meant to be a surgical mask). I'm still traumatized.

I've since caught her using her "x-ray" on both cats and Hubby. None of whom went running and screaming for the hills as I suggested they should. Suckers.


  1. This is great! Congrats again on getting the time at home that you wanted. How great for both of you!

  2. Thanks, Angela! We'd definitely be up for a play date. I'm home on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays as of right now.