Monday, January 17, 2011

Low Key Day

The kid has been under the weather for the last couple of days. Started as a nasty cough that was joined yesterday by a fever. Thankfully that seems to have subsided as of early this morning, but she's been extra snuggly all day (no complaints here! Though it is slightly strange to "snuggle" a child when you're trying to go to the bathroom. I'm just saying.).

I was so thankful as I lay awake this morning at 3:30 after Anna woke up absolutely terrified and disoriented, begging me to turn the light on, that I didn't have to stress about missing work today. She had been talking in her sleep all night and I'm fairly sure she was having nightmares, which I don't think she's had before. We got a drink of milk and read some books and she was back asleep within about a half hour. She managed to sleep until right around 7:30, at which point we moved to the couch to snuggle. We just relaxed in our jammies most of the day, chugging fluids (since I'm now also feeling the tightness in my chest, lovely) and watching Sesame Street.

She still wanted to play, so we got out the blocks and crayons and just chilled on the living room floor watching our driveway and street out front fill up with snow. I sipped my coffee and she sipped her apple juice. Life is good.

**Note mostly to myself - it's been too long since I posted pictures. I will make my next post a picture post. Please feel free to harass me if I forget.

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