Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dads Get All The Love

When Anna first started saying "dada" with a purpose I, of course, started trying to get a "mama" out of here. For the longest time my pleas for her to "say mama!" were met with a sneaky grin and exuberant "Dada!!" No matter what...daggers, kid. Daggers in my heart. She has since mastered a decent "mama" upon request, or if I have something tasty-looking on my plate that she would like to sample.

Well, we've got a new one. A few weeks back my heart was melted by Anna repeating in her little baby voice "I love you, daddy" or at least some approximation of that statement. Yesterday our conversation went like this:
Me - "Say I love you!"
Anna - "Dada!"

Ugh! Kid, don't you know who carried you? Birthed you? Fed you every hour on the hour for months?! Dads get all the love.

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