Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where'd you get that Cheerio??

Anna hordes cheerios like a squirrel. Ok, so a squirrel hordes acorns, but the behavior is similar.

Every parent knows, cheerios are a staple in a toddler diet - and a parent's sanity! Our pastors refer to the back rows of the church, where the families with small children sit, as Cheerio Row. And it's accurate. If you take a look back there on Sundays, several parents have busted out their Tupperware containers to bribe their toddlers with that oat-y-o goodness.

We not only rely on cheerios at church, but also at home. Anna munches on (or flings wildly around the room, depending on her mood) cheerios in her high chair while we get ready in the mornings. We bribe her with them on the living room floor when she arises at some ungodly hour of pre-sunrise o'clock. She likes them and they're a healthy(ish) snack in a pinch.

Apparently, Anna likes cheerios so much, though, that she's decided she'd better save stashes of them in various areas of our house. I swear, every time I look at her she's pulling a cheerio out of somewhere: under the couch, behind the bathroom door, in her toy bins, wait...what's that behind your ear, mom? Oh, it's a cheerio!

You know me, mother of the year, I just let her eat those "under the couch" cheerios, justifying it by telling myself that she's strengthening her immune system. The real reason: I just don't have the energy to battle her expert tantrum throwing every time she decides to tap into her stash. The feisty little beasty has taught me early to choose my battles. So what if she likes a little cat hair and dust with her cheerios? Maybe to her they're like ketchup and mustard.

(Bah! I have two great photos of her absconding with the cheerio box this morning but for some reason they will not upload. I'll try to put them on my facebook page.)

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