Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mommy Amnesia

"Remember those good old days, when I was pregnant?" I have been saying this to my husband, my mom, my friends, that strange dude who keeps trying to sell me a single sock out in front of the bus station...

Amazing what a little sleep deprivation and tiny hormone imbalance can do to your mind!

All I remember of pregnancy is the adorable belly that rippled with moving baby appendages inside, actually feeling good in a bathing suit for the first time in my life (amazing how great it feels NOT to have to suck it in!), being excited and just in general, loving the feeling of growing a human being in my belly.

Apparently I'm forgetting some rather outstanding details that aren't so easy for others to let go of -
The unstoppable nausea (Used to hold my breath when I'd open the refrigerator because the smell of all that food was AWFUL)
The unbearable fatigue
The swollen ankles (I was so shocked to see that I actually HAD ankles after the baby was born - I forgot they were there!)
The back spasms
The mood swings (This is the hubby's addition. I remember no such side affect!)

This crazy amnesia I am "suffering" from has even gone so far as to make me think I ENJOYED labor and delivery (well, as much as one can enjoy squeezing a bowling ball through a tube of toothpaste!). It was exciting. I knew it was the biggest thing I will ever do in my life - bringing another human being into the world. I had a strong, supportive partner who, even when he didn't know what to do, SEEMED to know exactly what to do to keep me calm and comfortable.

When I brought this up to the hubby the other day, he said he remembers the birthing experience very differently. When I asked why he thinks that is he replied, "you were on drugs!"

As soon as the "Daddy Amnesia" kicks in, maybe we can start talking about number two...Until then, I'll have to reminisce about my experience with the rose-colored glasses that mommy amnesia has so kindly placed on my memories of that time!


  1. Can always depend on you for a good giggle.

  2. Kerry! You're such a creative writer. I love hearing all these stories about you, Andy, and Anna. Keep it up!