Monday, December 14, 2009

The Anna-Vinci Code

Robert Langdon's got noting on me. Symbologist? Bah! Toddler-ologist, am I!
Decoding babies is my game. (Please forgive me, Dan Brown. I actually quite enjoy your books.)

For example, within the last couple of weeks we've figured out that Hubby is "Dad-Daddy" and I'm just plain "Daddy" (unless I have food or we're in church, please don't ask me why that's the case).

"Cooka" is cookie and will be requested at all hours of the day, in the same tone of voice, regardless of my reaction.

If Anna doesn't know what sound a particular animal makes, she resorts to "Boo." This has yet to be the correct response to anything.

When Anna starts digging in the cabinet under the kitchen sink, it means she is ready to go to sleep. I'm not kidding.

Frequently she starts getting naughty when she's tired. I know it's time for a nap when she starts chanting "nah nah, nah nah" as she's doing something she KNOWS she's not supposed to do (pushing the cat off the couch, trying to climb down the basement stairs, pulling the dishwasher soap out from under the sink and carrying it around, the list goes on and gets drastically more destructive).

All done...oh dear, Lord, all done. She shouts this day and night, at varying volumes, mostly loud. She does not always mean that she's all done eating as this phrase is usually followed by her stuffing a pile of food into her mouth.

If you cough, she'll cough back. I think she thinks it's just good manners to answer when spoken why not cough when coughed to?

Yes, my life is a lot like a Dan Brown novel, except, you know, without the imminent danger, conspiracies, or symbology. So, not really at all like a Dan Brown novel...But does it count that Anna frequently demonstrates behaviors of Angels and Demons? No? Shoot.


  1. Toddler decoding takes a special skill and lots of patience.

    It gets more amusing at the time goes on, I have to say.

  2. Wait until you have to Kindergarten De-code. Yeah...that's a blast. I got one day "Mommy, this girl in my class threw up all over the place. He got sent hoe with her mommy and daddy. her name was HumZah." Yup... Don't know if A)it was a boy or girl or B) if that is even a kids name in her class... LOL Yeah... it gets MORE fun as they get older, however Rory still resorts to the high pitched niose when she wants something she is holding instead of using words. LOL