Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baking Baby, Er, Banana Bread

I got sick over Thanksgiving weekend. Not the point of this post, but a necessary bit of info so that I don't sound like a total slouch who was hanging out in bed at noon on a Sunday while my poor helpless daughter had to dig cheerios out from under the couch for her breakfast. Of course she DID dig cheerios out from under the couch for her breakfast, but it was by choice. So I only suck a little bit as a parent.

Anyway, I was laying in bed and I heard what sounded suspiciously like Anna banging a metal spoon against something glass - hopefully not the window - I thought to myself as I rolled over, trying to sleep for just 1 more minute while I decided whether or not to investigate/stop whatever was going on beyond my bedroom door. Then I heard Hubby "keep it in the bowl! Good smashing! Boom Boom Boom" At which point he was joined by a little voice chanting along "boom boom boom." Oh good grief, I HAVE to know what the heck is going on in there.

As I walk in, Anna proudly looks up from the mixing bowl in the center of the kitchen floor. One hand clutching a slightly slimy and soggy Graham Cracker (or "COOKIE" if you ask her) and the other holding a potato masher. Hubby was squatting on the floor next to her, attempting (in vain) to keep at least some of the squashed banana batter in the mixing bowl. Anna's shoes and about a 2-foot radius of the floor around the bowl were sloshed with bits of squashed bananas and batter.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Her usual, INCORRECT, greeting that makes me feel great even though I am "Mama," so very proud of her mess and her special time with daddy. How on earth is she so grown up already??

All weekend she walked around saying "Whoa!" and "Zis is coowhoa" (This is cool) and "Uh-uh!" She truly is a little person with a HUGE personality and I'm loving every second of watching that develop. I promised more pictures and I will post a few tonight that I snapped of the banana bread making. Also, here's the video Hubby took of the event:

What a great four day weekend...made me wish, REALLY REALLY wish that I was home with her always. But then hearing that this morning upon arriving at daycare that Anna yelled "HIIII!!!" to all her friends and then did her crazy dance that she does when she's really happy and excited, I know she'd be sad to miss out on the time with her friends every day.

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