Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Letter to Anna

I wrote this a while back but wanted to post a copy here. I really enjoy the interaction this blog allows me to have with other parents but am also looking at it as a sort of baby book for Anna (since I'm too busy/lazy to do much writing in her actual baby book!). Anyway, something special my mom did for us kids growing up was writing us special letters at different times. Sometimes that was Christmastime, or graduation, birthdays, etc. But I have saved many of those letters and read them once in a while. It reminds me that I was and am loved and I want Anna to share that feeling as she grows up. So here is my first letter to her:

Dear Banana,

Your daddy and I spent hours last night after you went to bed watching videos of you when you were just a few weeks old. I found myself tearing up over how much you've grown in such little time. It's so hard to believe that the little bundle on the TV screen is YOU!

You are a constant source of amazement and joy to me and your dad. I would be content most days just to sit and watch you explore your world. You're always so proud when you discover something new - showing it to each one of us, marveling at your new abilities. This morning you looked at me from the kitchen while I was drying my hair in the hallway and pulled up your shirt to show me your plump little belly and belly button. Then you toddled over and pointed to my bellybutton and said "Beddy" so clearly. A year ago at this time, you couldn't even sit up yet, and now you're SAYING things to me!

I love how much each day with you changes. You are learning at an unbelievable pace. You understand so much and are such a little performer, that your daddy and I just want to spend every waking moment with you. I can't begin to tell you how much I love you.

Here are my hopes for you on future Christmases:

*I hope you are able to distinguish between the magic of Santa and the MIRACLE of the birth of Christ. Both are exciting in their own way, but only one is real and true. There is Christmas magic in the world, flying reindeer or not.

*I hope you know as you grow up just how much you are loved. Not just by me and daddy, but by countless others who would do anything for you. You are a little charmer and have managed to wrap an awful lot of people around those chubby little fingers of yours. I hope you can feel this love and learn to love BIG as a result of it.

*I hope you keep your curiosity. This world is full of fun and interesting things and I hope you continue to love finding out what each of those things are.

*I hope you cultivate big dreams for yourself. You are persistent (nice way of saying stubborn!) and smart, and have already managed to conquer many toddler-sized obstacles. I can't wait to see what you do in the real world!

I love you very much, sweet girl. And I look forward to celebrating many, many more Christmases with you!

With all my heart,

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