Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nothing Says Love Like Sharing Cheerios with Elmo

I have the day off of work today and have spent the entire day watching Anna play, explore and try (successfully) to make me laugh.

After breakfast this morning, she wanted some cheerios after she finished her breakfast. Not wanting to miss more playtime to eat in the high chair, I put some cheerios in a bowl for her and let her bring them in the living room, where it looks as though Toys R Us exploded all over the room...some day it will look like adults live here again...anyway, I digress...

Anna brought her cheerios into the living room and was playing. I started trying (in vain) to clean up some of the mess and when I turned around I was greeted with the sight of Anna force-feeding her Elmo doll cheerios on the floor.

When she figured Elmo had had his fill, probably because his little muppet mouth couldn't hold anymore cheerios, she started sharing with her blow-up lion punching bag. When she tired of this, she began just pouring them directly from the bowl into her mouth.

This child...What a super-sass. But hey, at least she's learning to share with her friends, right??

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