Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Haircuts and Head Injuries

Tonight was a tough night for me, emotionally and physically.

I've been meaning for more than a week now to cut Anna's bangs. Hubby informed me that I also needed to do away with her baby mullet while I was at it. He wasn't entirely wrong - her hair was slightly out of control, but it's her baby hair! How can I cut it off without agonizing over it for a few days? I decided tonight was the night. I coaxed Anna into the bathroom after dinner (not difficult, she loves the bathroom), sat her on the "big girl potty" (not difficult, she loves to sit on the big girl potty), and began to trim her bangs (very difficult, she apparently hates scissors). I did my best on her bangs and then hollered upstairs to hubby, "MULLET - TO CUT OR NOT TO CUT?!" He came down and said, "CUT!" So we distracted Anna by letting her stand on her stool by the sink and snip snip snipped her mullet right off. :( She still looks adorable, but now her chipped front tooth looks slightly out of place. She had kind of a "look" going, you know?

She's mad that I won't give her the camera - I did shortly after I took this photo.

I was on a roll! I trimmed Anna's toe and finger nails right after this (she never sits still to let me do this, so HUGE victory for me!), so I moved right on to cleaning up the toys in the hallway outside of Anna's room. My roll screeched to a halt when, as I was bending down to throw her heavily used toy phone into the bin on her bedroom floor, I banged my forehead right on the corner of the bookshelf mounted on the wall. Bleeding, bruising and swelling ensued. And I'll admit it, I couldn't stop the tears of pain. But those stopped as soon as Anna saw me crying and got very upset herself.

So now she's sporting a new haircut and I'm sporting a new goose-egg. And we'll all live happily ever after.

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  1. She looks adorable! I know that is a traumatic moment, that first haircut. I'm sorry you got a booboo; here's a long-distance kiss to make it better XO! Love reading of your adventures. Just wait until the time she cuts her own bangs...you all did it once... :)