Friday, January 15, 2010

Your Teddy is Not a Potty

I dress Anna in her crib these days because, well, she's a runner. And there's nothing to make you late for work like trying to dress a moving, who not only DOES NOT want to wear that turtleneck, but is not a fan of the diaper you're trying to strap on to her bottom either.

Anyway, this morning, after we finally woke her up, I stripped off her pajamas and diaper as usual. I turned around to grab her clean diaper, turned back to put it on her and was greeted by the sight of Anna in all her naked baby glory, standing with her little Buddha-belly sticking out, proudly peeing all over her teddy bear.

I just...I...I still don't have words. I still can't stop laughing. I called in the reinforcements (Hubby) to strip the bed, scrubbed the poor bear's head in the bathroom sink and commenced the moving-target-dressing madness.

I hope we don't have too many more mornings that start out that way, but it was a funny start to our Friday.

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